OGM to AVI: A Simple Conversion Utility

OGM to AVI is a simple and easy-to-use program that converts the OGM video format and MKV video format into the AVI format, without loss of video quality. Unlike previous methods of doing this conversion, this program completely automates the process. It handles demuxing, stream detection, audio conversion, subtitles, and the final creation of the AVI. Even if the previous terms sounded like gibberish to you, you would have no problem using this program!

Why convert to AVI?

There are two major reasons for preferring the AVI format. First, AVI has far better support than the OGM and MKVcontainer formats. Most video editing programs have either no or limited support for the OGM and MKV specifications, and there are zero standalone players with OGM / MKV support! AVI also has less overhead than the OGM format, which means converted files actually take less hard drive space than the original file.

Fine, but why use this particular program?

This program has numerous advantages over the current conversion programs.

1. It does not recompress the video.

This is the only automated conversion method that does not recompress the video stream, which means there is no loss of quality. Video compression also takes a long time, and by avoiding this step, OGM to AVI runs two to five times faster than current methods.

2. It supports easy batch conversion.

There are no menus or complicated interfaces to chose what files you want to convert. Instead, drag and drop files or whole directories onto the program screen, and it handles everything from there! Your movies are safe with OGM to AVI, it will never overwrite or damage your existing data.

3. It's completely free.

The authors created this program because they were dissatisfied with the current methods of completing this common task, and they want to share their work with the world. This program will never give you registration reminders or install unwanted programs on your computer. It does its job, and it does it well.

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